65 nm ASIC Bitcoin Mining Chip

4 GH/s Calculation Speed
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65 nm ASIC Bitcoin Mining Chip

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  • Technology: Global Foundries advanced 65nm technology (IBM core)
  • Die size: 7.5 x 7.5 mm
  • Substrate package: 10 x 10 mm
  • Package type: Standard BGA 144
  • Design type: 100% Hand routed for performance density
  • Power consumption: 3.2 Watt per GH/s
  • Performance: 4 GH/s
  • Performance design: 16 engines @ 250mhz nominal (294mhz max)

Advantages of Butterfly Labs chips:

  • 1/2 the power usage per GH as the closest competitor
  • 1/10th the silicon area per GH as the closest competitor (very high performance density)
  • Proven design currently operating in the field and ready to go
  • Unlike some QFN packages which require underside heat sinks, you can use off the shelf heat sinks due to the FCBGA package. No need to design and manufacture heat sinks!

Terms of purchase:

  • Delivery:  100 days
  • Payment:  50% deposit on order and 50% upon delivery
  • Cancellation:  All sales are final and deposits will not be returned if final payment is not made prior to delivery.
  • Minimum purchase:  100 chips


  • Chip grades:  Chips come in four grades of performance.  Chips are sold in mixed grade lots.  A grade has 16 engines, B grade has 15 engines, C grade has 14 engines and D grade has no less than 12 engines.  All chips run at a minimum of 250 mhz.  Higher grade chips will run up to 294mhz.  The percentage distribution in each lot is 60% Grade A, 20% Grade B, 15% Grade C and 5% Grade D.
  • Reference documentation:  Butterfly Labs has released it's PCB schematics & MCU code to open source.  Links to this documentation are here and here.
  • Limited availability:  Chip availability is limited to 100,000 units.

Sample chips:

  • An order must be completed with a 50% deposit.
  • Samples must be requested. They will not be provided without a request.
  • For every 100 ordered, 2 sample chips can be requested. This is rounded to the nearest integer of chips.
  • The samples provided are offered free of charge; they are not taken out of the total number of chips ordered. However, if additional samples are requested in addition to those applicable, then they will be taken out of the total order of chips, up to a specific limit.
  • For each individual order, a total number of samples are allocated. The sample chips from separate orders may be combined when shipping.
  • Send your request to [email protected], titled "Chip Sample Request", including the order number(s) in the body of the e-mail for which you'd like to receive the samples.